Our Story

“We have the experience, we got the professionals and we have earned the records!.”

Babatunde Ade Adejumo, Lead Consultant


“To be world’s most honored and respected provider of best practices in consultancy that will be absorbed globally.”


“To empower individuals and organizations to be more effective by providing practical guidancecontents and qualifications sieved from real life experience and developing practices.”


  • Honesty and Integrity – At TACADE Consulting, honesty and Integrity are held in the highest regard. It is expected of all employees to take personal responsibility for their standard of behavior in the work place.
  • Safety and Quality – At TACADE Consulting Ltd employees work producing the highest quality work in safe environment both on the field and within our offices.
  • Professionalism – We believe passionately in what we do, never compromising our standards and values, and care about our clients, our people and our career.
  • Team Building – We believe in esprit de corps, which is a spirit of the group that makes the member want the group to succeed.
  • Humility – We believe every staff has the God give virtue of being modest and respectful.
  • Prompt Service Delivery – We believe in punctuality and rapid service delivery, while maintaining a low lag time is a foremost priority.
  • Hardwork – We make the best out of every opportunity believed to be stressful.