Business value-driven transformation is essential for companies to strive and thrive in today’s dynamic market. It is vital for an enterprise to build strategies that are agile to regulate market dynamics, innovative to stay ahead of competition, transformative to take utmost advantage of the latest technology, and optimal to sustain profits.

TACADE Consulting Services is about helping our clients realize business value through business process and IT transformation. Our goal is to enable our clients to develop practical, outcome-based solutions that meet the ever-growing and changing needs of the global landscape.

We offer Business consulting services in the following verticals:

Business Strategy: Create new business models, benchmark against key industry performance indicators, increase competitiveness, and drive growth through innovation.

Finance & Risk: Improve forecasting and reporting, develop predictive capabilities, reduce enterprise risk, and optimize organizational finance.

Information Technology: Leverage technology to drive business innovation and create sustainable growth while optimizing the business.

Organization & People: Enable innovation through collaboration, performance measurement, talent management, and effective leadership; supported by advanced analytics and a transformed Human Resource function.

Business Continuity Management Contractual Resources

We provide on-demand expertise in the areas of
• Business Continuity Management
• Business Analysis
• Business Plan Development
• Project Management
• Project Management Plan Development
• Business Continuity Planning Software Services
• Business Continuity Management Training
• Change Management Training
• Crisis Management Organization Consultancy
• Quality Assurance Consultancy
• BCM Quality Assurance
• Safety Professional
• Hostel/Hotel Management and Administration

BCM Consultants
TACADE consultants have wide experience in BCM projects and are involved in several consulting engagements worldwide, exclusively in the America, Europe and Africa. They are Real Estate consultants, Business Managers, Project Managers, Transport Planners, Facility Managers with more than twenty years of experience in senior positions, both within Nigeria and Abroad with specialization in Risk, Audit, Compliance, Treasury, Operations, and Technology.