TACADE Consulting specializes in business continuity consultancy and IT disaster recovery consulting, for organizations in both public and private sectors. The world of business continuity consultancy is largely filled with consulting giants and one-man bands, but our unique business model fits us neatly in the middle. Our core operations team provides the support to manage large scale programs and multiple clients, while our subject matter experts bring the highest levels of knowledge and experience in the industry.

With these two groups comprising our team, we deliver a level of service that combines the dedication of the lone consultants with the resources of a major firm. We believe in fostering collaborative partnerships with our clients, and perform work with a level of care and creativity that cannot be found elsewhere in the marketplace. Our focus on business plans and procedures is what differentiates us from other business continuity consultants. We believe business continuity is an essential part of operating a sustainable business; our passion is to help businesses fulfill this responsibility.