Facility Management Professional (FMP)



Facility management course at TACADE Consulting is structured to equip participant with the skill needed to manage and sustain facilities with asset care best practices. The workshop arm delegates with what to do to implement maintenance best practices as part of integrated facilities management in your organization. It provides an overview of the latest tools and techniques for facilities maintenance and asset management, their benefit and potential pitfalls and when and how to apply them for maximum impact on the growth and performance improvement of the organization


  • Identify the essential functions of the facility manager’s role
  • Step up to the increasing expectations of facility users
  • Determine best facility management practices to comply with.
  •  Update negotiating and contracting skills for outsourcing maintenance, custodial, security, and other contractors
  • Develop a maintenance strategy for premises and services
  • Focus on managing expenses, cutting utility costs, and gaining bottom line value from asset management 


  • Facility management training helps you gain key competencies, so you can deliver more value to your organization.
  • Improved facility management.
  • Reduces costs and increases efficiency.
  • Upgrading your skills and knowledge also makes you more valuable in the employment marketplace.

What you will Learn:

You will apply the proven maintenance management methodologies and templates to:

Identify and address maintenance priorities and key areas for attention;

Reduce plant downtime, such as power generators and other facilities.

Understand maintenance policy areas and how to make right decision for your organization.

Manage maintenance budgets and spares more effectively

Unlock the true potential of maintenance and facilities management teams in your organization.

Who should attend?

his workshop is designed to provide manager, engineers, senior administrators with an insight into the more advanced maintenance facilities techniques, standards and preventive process that can be readily applied to any facility maintenance activity.
Others Include:
Procurement Management team
Contractors and facilities Service Providers
Facilities Managers and Staff
Facilities Management teams(Including building services and estate managers)
Project Managers, Project Engineers and Contract Managers
Maintenance Managers, Maintenance Engineers, Maintenance Technicians and Maintenance planners
Anyone who is involved in operating, maintaining and managing facilities and infrastructure(office, utilities, power supply, oil and gas facilities, etc.)