Hostel Management & Administration (HMA)


About this Training

TACADE Consulting is designed to bring professionalism into management of dormitories/student hostels across the nation. To face out the bad state of dormitories/student hostels by delivering practical training on Student Hostel Management.

Participants will learn the method of Facility Management to manage the building and students in difference areas.

What are the training objectives?

By the end of this training you will:

  1. Acquire the relevant knowledge and skills required to successfully manage dormitories/student hostels.
  2. Acquire the knowledge to manage staff and student crisis
  3. Develop a working plan for effective management of the building and the occupants
  4. Acquire the knowledge to manage and prevent fire incident in student hostels
  5. Acquire practical security tips to manage student hostels

Who should attend this training?

Hostel management and administration training is essential, mostly for institution with dormitories/hall of residence, Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education, Technical schools, Secondary, Primary School  and private firms handling student hostels:

Category of staff to attend the training:

  1. Facility Managers
  2. Hall Managers
  3. Hall Wardens
  4. Technical Supervisors
  5. Quality Assurance Officers
  6. Porters
  7. Hostel Security.

What are scenario based games?

Scenario based games are a simulation of real happening cases, that accord in day to day management of student hostel. We have designed solutions for each cases raised and immersive learning environment that helps you improve conceptual understanding, and build hostel management skills.


What does the training Pack contain?

  1. Training materials (hard copy)
  2. Professional and Experienced trainers.
  3. Participants will get a Certificate of Training which can be used for employment purposes.