Whether you need a team of experts to design and execute a plan or a role player to provide interim support to keep your projects on schedule and within budget, you can rely on TACADE’s best inclass professionals. At TACADE, project management is all about delivering to plan, in time, within budget and with right sized communication.

Our project managers are experienced in managing complex projects, working with geographically distributed resources, suppliers, vendors and contractors with a pulse on execution. We have all the right resources available to deal with each project and its uncertainties.

Our key differentiators for Project Management services are:
• Experienced project managers with knowledge of Six Sigma processes.
• Metrics based project planning and execution.
• Nimble change control process for project management.
• Single point of contact for accountability for project management.
• Support by a multifunctional project management team.
• The most experienced and effective Project Managers.

Services & Deliverables

• Creation of a small & relevant Project management framework based on ground realities and best practices.

(Standardize the top-level process without going into too much details)

. Generating consensus and making managers aware of its benefits.
• Scrutinizing (or preparation) of business cases. (Establish ownership, ensure accountability & document benefits).
• Assessment and planning of resource requirements (Time of executive to monitor, managerial time for project coordination, support staff etc.)
• Scientific and realistic planning for the time & cost aspects of the project (Reduce change requests, time extensions, budgetary over run)
• Selection of Project managers after due assessment of skills, knowledge and attitude. (Investing in a good PM can save you much more)
• Training of existing PM’s to sharpen their skills (upgrading the internal resources is a win-win strategy)
• Design ways to give the project managers influence over the resources without having a formal authority. (Responsibility & Accountability levels need to be synchronized)
• Design & implement control points to ensure that adequate planning is done prior to execution. (Ratio of time & cost saved by better planning is 1:10)
• Provide temporary & competent managers to handle small projects with zero lead time. (Do not acquire permanent staff for temporary requirements)
• Monitor & Report Projects for progress and issues – regularly & objectively. (Improvement is possible only when right & regular measurements are done and acted upon)